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Naked Hair Removal Cream

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✨An instant hair removal powder made with natural clay and holistic herbs. Detoxifying the area of application while removing hair on the top layer of skin. With regular application the density of the hair will decrease along with the regrowth time.Hair removal just became a sensual ceremony.✨

  • Pain-free hair removal experience, proven to thin hair over time
  • Prevent in-grown hairs
  • Maintains skin’s PH level balanced
  • Detoxes your skin
  • Transmutes stagnant energy
  • Fades dark marks
  • Dermatologically approved
How to use it
  • Skin Patch Test: Before you slather the product all over, do a small test on your skin. Better safe than sorry!
  • Mix It Right: Grab your coconut bowl and mask brush. Mix the product with water bit by bit. You’re aiming for a pancake batter vibe here—smooth and creamy without making it too runny.
  • Prep Your Skin: Cleanse your skin to get rid of oils and dirt. Dry skin is your canvas for this masterpiece.
  • Mask Time: Slather that mask on and let it sit for a solid 20 minutes. Got a bit more fuzz? Leave it on longer. Keep the mask happy and hydrated with your PHresh Toner—dry masks are a no-go.
  • Wipe Off Gently: Use the ayate cloth to lovingly remove the mask. Rinse the cloth well after each swipe to keep things clean. Oh, and air-dry the cloth to keep it in top shape.
  • Hydrate and Heal: Once you're all rinsed and dry, pamper your skin with some Bliss Oil. It’s like a drink of water for your skin.
    Naked Hair Removal Cream
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    • Over 90% Plant based hair removal available here!

    • Gentle Application-Great For Sensitive Skin

    • Handcrafted Products-Intentionally Formulated- Made With Love 

    • All Natural Ingredients- Safe Ingredients- No Harsh Chemicals


    Is this safe for genitals ?

    Safe for Brazillian and male privates; always test first for 3-4 min on a less sensitive area.

    What is the hair removal powder made out of?

    Bentonite Clay, Neem, Aloe Vera Powder, rice starch, Green Lentil Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Camphor, Thyoglycolate Salt, Sodium Benzoate, Vit E Oil, Basil Oil, Sweet Fennel Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Multani Mitti (Bentonite Clay)

    How big is the hair removal clay?

    • Naked hair removal cream s 70g
    • Bebe face clay 60g

    Where does the powder come from ?

    Roots and Herbs in India

    What does it smell like?

    A refreshing Tea Tree scent

    How do I buy the Hair Removal Powder by itself?

    From our shop page!

    Will it irritate my skin?

    Test first for 3-4 min on a less sensitive area.

    Is it painful?

    It is painless. There might be a light tingle but no reports of any pain.

    Who can use it?

    Male or female above the age of 14

    How long before the hair grows back?

    On average, you can expect budding hair growth within 1-2 weeks. Over time the hair appears thinner and grows less.

    Is it safe for pregnant women?

    Not to be used in the bikini area or any space near the womb; All other areas are safe.

    What should I do if my hair wasn’t removed after using the mask?

    • Before applying, you want to make sure your skin is clean, and bare. Free from lotions, oils, butters, including deodorants.
    • Make sure that you are keeping the mask damp with your PHresh or Bebe toner, during the period of time you’re waiting for the mask to dry. The mask shouldn’t be dry to the point of cracking prior to wiping it off. It should be moist.
    • The consistency of the mask should be a cream-like consistency, not too watery that it’s dripping.
    • Be sure to use spring water.
    • Remember to wait 20 minute before removing the mask for the best results; however, for thicker hair, you want to leave it on for a bit longer. If all hair isn’t removed because your hair is coarse, and the 20 minute wait wasn’t enough, try to remove the rest of the hair the following day. Finish with your PHresh or Bebe toner, and seal in moisture with Bliss or Bebe oil.

    Why do the toners vary in color from deep red to light pink?

    Our Toners are made in house with fresh roses distilled in spring water. The colors of the rose vary depending on season and that determines how ‘pink’ the toner is.

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